My first GitHub project!

A few days ago I pushed out my first GitHub project. :)

PHP CacheZero is a simple page caching library. It is basically a reimplementation of the similar functionality of the Cache_Lite library, except I have coded it for PHP 5. As nice as Cache_Lite is, the deprecation warnings that have been popping up for a while now and upstream has been sitting on the issue for a few years now. Why on earth would anyone still want to support PHP 4?!

The benefit of caching as that the output of resource-intensive PHP code (e.g. database calls) can be cached and reused for successive clients. So in the case of a database this would mean only 1 call in 10 minutes, regardless of the number of client requests – an easy way to get a performance boost at almost no cost!

I guess this means that I can now officially call myself a free software developer. :)